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New Tile Floor for This Florence Home

Omaha, NE, US


These Florence homeowners decided to upgrade their bathroom with new tile flooring. This was a smart choice because tile flooring is durable, stylish, and easy to maintain.

Tile flooring is great because it can handle moisture, scratches, and lots of people walking on it. It also comes in many cool designs that look like real stone or fancy patterns. This makes the house look nicer while being easy to clean.

Omaha Handyman Service made the project go smoothly. Our team carefully inspected the area to see what needed to be done and planned everything perfectly. We started by removing the old flooring and making sure the subfloor was even and clean. Next, we installed a waterproof underlayment and then, our team measured and cut the tiles to fit perfectly. Finally, we installed the new tiles with great care to make sure everything looked great. Now, the home looks amazing with its new tile floors. They add a stylish and practical touch, making the house even more comfortable and beautiful for the homeowners to enjoy.


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