Drywall Repairs


For most folks there is nothing more annoying than damage or cracks to their drywall. Large cracks, holes and other unsightly damages are not an easy fix for most people. Even more challenging are cracks or holes in your drywall ceiling. Overall, drywall repairs can be a daunting task for DIY’ers.


Luckily, Omaha Handyman Service is only a phone call or email!


Our Craftsmen handle drywall repairs for any area of your home, from patching holes to replacing entire walls. We’ll handle any drywall project you have. Our Professionals make sure the drywall finish is done properly and is paint ready. We’re fully equipped with the right tools and experience to get the job done right, the first time. We can make old walls look new again!


Typical drywall services we offer…


  • Repair Holes
  • Hang Drywall
  • Finish Drywall
  • Texture Walls and Ceiling
  • Repair Water Damage
  • Drywall Skim Coating
  • Plaster Wall Repair
  • Drywall Patching
Drywall Repair by Omaha Handyman Service in Omaha, NE
Drywall Repair in Omaha, NE by Omaha Handyman Service

The key to perfect drywall is attention to detail in measuring & preforming the many separate steps to tape, sand, texture and finish each repair or new installation. Whether we are fixing a hole made by a doorknob or repairing water damage, we strive to make sure every tape line, joint and corner is finished to perfection. We know our customers won’t settle for less than top quality, and we won’t either.


The typical repair can take several days…so plan on us popping in 2-3 days in a row for a short time.


No matter how well a room is designed and decorated, when drywall that needs to be repaired or replaced is left “as is,” it has a negative impact on the room. With the help of the professional Craftsmen at Omaha Handyman Service, drywall is replaced or repaired efficiently and professionally.


After the drywall is fixed it will need to be painted, check out our top notch residential painting services.